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White Tea Shampoo


This shampoo was formulated to eliminate the residues of styling products, silicones and pre-shampoo treatments. Enriched with saro* essential oils, the formula deeply cleanses hair and provides it with a delightful bouncy sensation. * Extracted from the leaves of a Madagascan bush harvested by local inhabitants involved in the conservation of a reserve rich in biodiversity.

Surfactant made of a blend of three plants (shikakai, desert date, gypsophila): cleanses the scalp and hair, eliminates residue
Saro essential oil
Relipidation agent extracted from coconut oil: helps preserve the hydrolipidic film.
White clay: remineralizes the hair.
Application tips: 

Apply to wet hair for daily use or to dry hair as a pre-shampoo treatment. Lather, then rinse. If using as a pre-treatment shampoo, repeat application.