PEPPERMINT SHAMPOO Detox action | Dessange International Brand | Best Hair and Beauty Salon in Oman


250 ml


Enriched with exfoliating jojoba microbeads and bamboo powder, this detox shampoo containing peppermint* removes impurities and build-up due to hair care products and pollution, and brings a feeling of freshness from the root of the hair.

100% of the people who tested it said that the dry and oily flakes in hair were eliminated and their appearance delayed**.

The scalp is balanced: oil does not build back up as fast in greasy hair, and dry scalps are soothed for greater comfort.

* Peppermint harvested in France and grown in line with environmentally-friendly farming practices.
** Use test conducted on 10 people stating they had a dry scalp and 12 stating they had an oily scalp for 21 days – Findings based on self-assessment."

Cleansing base derived from coconut oil: Cleanses the hair and scalp.
Jojoba microbeads, bamboo powder: Exfoliate the scalp and eliminates impurities and residues of styling products, flakes, pollution.
Peppermint extract: Source of antioxidant
Celery extract: Balances and soothes the scalp, delays the appearance of flakes.
Menthol: Brings a feeling of freshness and lightness from the root of the hair
Application tips: 

Apply generously to wet scalp, work into a lather and rinse.

Follow with a PHYTODESS hair care product for lengths and ends.

Avoid any contact with eyes.